Manual skate sharpening

-Travel direction-

It is important to notice the grinding wheel rotation direction on sharpening. For the best sharpening result, it is recommended to move the skate along with the rotating direction. 

-Contact point-

Contact point, where the skate contacts the grinding wheel should stay the same during the sharpening procedure. If the contact point changes during the sharpening, the travel movement might get unsteady. 

-Centered groove (ROH)-

Sharpening groove (radius of hollow, ROH) must be on center of the runner. Always check the ROH concentricity after the first succesfull sharpening. Check the ROH allignment using Parduc T5 groove tester 


Start the sharpening from left to right (On M25 machine, which has counterclockwise wheel rotation).  Position the skate on an angle, so that the tip of the skate is pointing towards the pivot point of the diamond arc. On sharpening, try to keep the contact point of the grinding wheel on the right sector. Try to avoid sharpening on the left side of the center line. Sharpening on the left side might result uneven travel speed.


As the sharpening continues, reduce the skate angle a bit, so that you won't hit the sharpener frame. It is important to generate a smooth, arc shaped travel route for the skate. Remember to keep the contact point on the the right sector.


When approaching the end of the skate, continue reducing the skate angle. Remember to keep the contact point on the the right sector.


When sharpening the tip of the skate, rotate the skate clockwise so that the tip of the skate gets sharpened. Still, keep the contact point on the right sector during the movement.



Check the sharpening result: 
-If the whole thickness of the runner has not been sharpened: Sharpen again
-If you can see notches on the runner edges: Sharpen again
-If the sharpening looks uneven: Profile the grinding wheel, and try moving the skate slower and using more even travel speed.


Sharpen the final cycle using AccuLube sharpening wax. Apply a thin layer of wax directly to the skate runner. Sharpen the skate normally, but using extremely small pressure against the wheel. Keep the travel speed slower than on normal sharpening. 

Sharpening with AccuLube sharpening wax:
-Use smaller pressure against the wheel 
-Use slower travel speed
-Avoid generating sparks

If you can see lot of sparking when sharpening with wax, you are probably using too much pressure against the wheel.

More info about sharpening with AccuLube sharpening wax on article: Using sharpening wax

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