Parduc P40 skate sharpener
    Parduc P40 skate sharpener
    Parduc P40 skate sharpener

    Parduc® P40 Skate sharpener


    Automatic skate sharpener for hockey skates. Suitable for hollow sharpening r10...r40mm. 

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    Automatic skate sharpening machine with profiling function. Suitable for groove sharpening r10... r40mm.

    The Parduc® P40 is logic controlled, and equipped with a clear color display. The display turns to the optimal position for the user, in a vertical position when the device is used. When transporting the machine, the display and control buttons turns to the rear of the machine.

    Skate holder is self-centering, so you don't need to worry about the runner thickness. The profiling length can be adjusted by four pre-set lengths. If you want to profile a short distance, the travel direction of the skate can be changed with a single touch on the screen. The skate movement speed, as well as the pressure of the grinding wheel against the runner can be adjusted.

    There is a 230V / 50Hz socket on the back of the device for connecting the vacuum cleaner. The socket remains energized whenever the grinding wheel rotates.

    The grinding wheel profiling is made using spinners. You can find various selection of spinners from our shop.

    Maximum runner length is 340mm

    The device is suitable for both, professional- and amateur use.

    One profiling template is included. Other templates are sold separately.

    You can adjust the:
    -amount of sharpening cycles
    -Length of the sharpening movement
    -Different profiling templates, and the tilting angle of the profile
    -Grinding disc pressure
    -Skate carrier's speed

    -Grinding disc size 150 x 6(8) x 20. (With a separate center bush, also: 150x6x38)

    Package includes:
    -1pcs Skate sharpener Parduc® P40
    -1pcs Grinding Disc
    -1pcs Diamond spinner wheel
    -1pcs Operation instructions
    -1pcs profiling template

    Dimension: 300x400x900mm

    Weight: 39 kg

    Designed and manufactured in Finland

    Manufacturer's product number 25027

    This product is not available in North America.

    Parduc® P40 Skate sharpener


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