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Prosharp sharpening pack
Prosharp sharpening pack

Sharpening pack, M25 and Wissota compatible


Instead of €222.98

Sharpening pack that is fully compatible with Wissota machines. Excellent starter pack for skate sharpeners using Wissota skate sharpening machines. Pack contains Parduc® diamond dresser, two grinding wheels, diamond deburring file and AccuLube sharpening wax.


Pack contains: High-quality aftermarket diamond dresser with a 0.5 carat synthetic diamond head, two silicon carbide grinding wheels, diamond file for deburring and AccuLube sharpening wax.

These consumables are high quality aftermarket parts, fully compatible with Parduc® M25 and Wissota machines. These are not an original Wissota spare parts.

The Parduc® diamond dresser comes with a replaceable Parduc® diamond head. When the diamond dresser runs out, you only need to replace the diamond head, not the entire dresser. This brings you significant cost savings in regular use.

For the best sharpening results, it is recommended to use Accu-Lube sharpening wax on the final sharpening cycle. With Accu-Lube, the sharpening temperature decreases and the sharpening result becomes even better.

Dimensions of the diamond dresser:
D= ~0,5" (~12,7mm)
L= 6" (152,4mm)

Grinding wheel dimensions:
180x10x12,7 C80 and C100

Sharpening pack, M25 and...


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