Information about skate sharpening


Manual skate sharpening

Guide how to sharpen skates with manual skate sharpener. Parduc M25 skate sharpener is used as an example on this guide.

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Deburring on skate sharpening

The importance of deburring in skate sharpening cannot be exaggerated. Even the best sharpening result is not ready for ice, before deburring.

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Using sharpening wax and -oil.

Sharpening wax is used for lubricating the sharpening procedure, and to lower the sharpening temperature. With the sharpening wax you will get extremely...

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Skate profiling

Skate blade profile includes usually one or more different radiuses. In some cases, in the middle of the blade has a flat section.  When the the radius...

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Hollow sharpening (ROH)

Groove type- and depth on skate blade can be changed on sharpening. The most common groove type is radius sharpening, ROH (Radius of hollow). On this...

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