Parduc® T5 AL Blade groove tester


    Parduc® T5, skate sharpening result tester for ice skates. Visual inspection tool for sharpening concentricity.

    Renewed 2023 model, aluminium version!

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    Skate sharpening result tester for ice skates. Visual inspection tool for sharpening concentricity.

    Visual sharpening result testing tool for skates. The tool is used to check the centricity of the sharpening groove in relation to the skate blade. Suitable for groove sharpening r5-r30mm.

    The device is suitable for professional and amateur use.

    -The gauge is placed on the blade so that the measuring device is guided from the edge of the skate blade.
    -The indicator part with the magnet is then set to swing over the sharpened blade.
    -The indicator swings over the edges of the blade groove.
    -Visually inspect if the indicator is exactly parallel with the lines on the gauge part. Even the smallest groove misalignment can be seen with this device.

    Each line step equals 0,02mm height difference between the skate blade edges (on 2,9mm thick blade)

    Renewed 2023 model with aluminium frame.

    Color: Black-grey

    The package contains:

    -1pcs Inspection gauge part
    -1pc indicator

    Manufacturer part number 33116

    Parduc® T5 AL Blade groove...


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