Deburring on skate sharpening

The importance of deburring in skate sharpening cannot be exaggerated. Even the best sharpening result is not ready for ice, before deburring.

When metal is sharpened, there is always a sharpening burr. This burr needs to be removed, in order to receive a sharp result.

Sharpening burr must be removed after the final sharpening cycle.


Sharpening bur is removed by setting the deburring file or -stone against the side of the skate blade. Gently move the file along the blade on both sides, 1-3 times per side. Repeat the deburring movement until you cannot feel any burr on your finger.

Warning!. Sharpening burr might be a long string shaped piece of metall. Those strings are extremely sharp, and might easily penetrate your skin.

Diamond file is the best tool for deburring. If you are using ceramic deburring hone stone, be careful not to dull the newly sharpened blade, especially when the hone stone wears. Diamond file does not wear the same way as the hone stone is during the use.

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