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Universal spinner unit for skate sharpeners

Parduc® T6 Universal spinner unit

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Parduc® T6 is a universal spinner unit. With the T6, you'll upgrade your slide-based sharpening machine to a model that utilizes the spinner design.

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The T6 spinner unit is attached to a skate holder, such as a skate or skate runner. The unit is used by gently touching the sharpening disc with the spinner. Spinner causes the disc to shape into the desired sharpening radius or shape.

When using the spinner unit, the rotation direction of the grinding wheel must be taken into account. The device should be used so that that the rotation of the grinding wheel tightens the spinner's retaining screw (instead of loosening it). Sharpening machines with a counter-clockwise rotation, the spinner should point upwards. In a clockwise rotating machine, the spinner should be below.


  • Place the device in the skate holder. Shape the sharpening wheel by gently touching the rotating wheel with the spinner. Do not hold the spinner in the sharpening disc, just touch the wheel once or twise. Try to keep spinner rotation speed as low as possible.
  • Remove the spinner unit and sharpen the skate normally
  • If the groove is not in the middle of the skate runner, adjust the height of the spinner by loosening the bottom retaining nut and adjusting the height by turning the thumb screw. One full turn corresponds to a 1mm height change. Finally, tighten the retaining nut.
  • Repeat the shaping and sharpening of the blade.

Note! does not include spinner. Spinners are sold separately -here-.

Color: Black-grey

The package contains:
-1pcs T6 spinner unit
-1pcs spanner for locking nut

Manufacturer's product number 34100

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