Skate shapening grinding wheel 150*6*38 SA60J5VN Tyrolit

    Grinding wheel Tyrolit 150x6x38 SA60J5VN


    Grinding disk for skate sharpeners.

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    This ceramic grinding disk is specially designed for skate sharpening. Grinding wheel Tyrolit SA60 J5 - suitable for general use, especially in manual skate sharpening machines.

    -Slightly harder than the Grinding wheel "150x6x38 - 88A60 K5", but longer wear resistance.
    -Same roughness as the grinding wheel "150x6x38 - 88A60 K5"

    For the best sharpening result, use Accu-Lube sharpening wax at the final sharpening round. When using Accu-Lube sharpening wax, the sharpening temperature decreases and the sharpening result becomes even better.

    Sharpening wheel dimensions: 150x6x38 - SA60 K5

    This product is a spare part and is suitable for many different sharpening machine brands. Below is a list of sharpening machines for which the blade is suitable.

    -Parduc: M20, C30, P40
    -SSM: SSM-2, SSM2-PRO, SSM TT-3, SSM Profile, SSM2 / SM-6
    -Pro-sharp: AS2001 (Use fitting ring KUL0020)

    Tyrolit grinding wheels are prestigious, and top quality. TYROLIT is one of the world's largest manufacturers of grinding, cutting, drilling and finishing tools.

    Grinding wheel Tyrolit...


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