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Grinding wheel 150x6,4x32-C60 CagOne

Grinding wheel 150x6,4x32-C60 Cag-One


Ceramic grinding disk for skate sharpeners

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High quality aftermarket grinding disc. Compatible with Cag-One and Speed-One skate sharpeners.

Before sharpening, remember to dress the ceramic grinding discs to desired hollow radius.

Silicon carbide grinding disks are optimal for extra hard skate blades. Silicon carbide grinding discs generates slightly more grinding dust than conventional grinding discs. Using vacuum cleaner along with the sharpening machine is recommended. 

For the best sharpening result, use Accu-Lube sharpening wax at the final sharpening round. When using Accu-Lube sharpening wax, the sharpening temperature decreases and the sharpening result becomes even better.

Product color may differ from the product picture.

-Dimensions: 150x6,4x32mm
-Grit: 60
-Material: Silicon carbide

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