Profiling template

Profiling template COUGAR 13-60-13


Skate blade profiling template

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Skate blade profiling means changing the shape of the blade. Skates can be customized to each player, by profiling the blades. With the best profile for you, you will get the most out of your skates.

The correct profile for you can only be determined by testing multiple different profiles.

-Target group: Hockey player, Bandy player
-Size recommendation 272 and smaller
-For beginners. Gives extra good stability. Extra good glide, lack of agility and acceleration
-Single radius with flat surface R13 ft (R3,96m) - 60mm - R13 ft (R3,96m)
-Fastening dimensions: 526mm & 245mm

This product is not available in North America

Profiling template COUGAR...


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