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Grinding wheel 180x10x12,7-A80 Wissota, A25

Grinding wheel 180x10x12,7-A80 Wissota, M25


Ceramic grinding disk for skate sharpeners

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High quality aftermarket grinding disc. Compatible with Parduc M25 and Wissota M/911 skate sharpeners.

Before sharpening, remember to dress the ceramic grinding discs to desired hollow radius.

For the best sharpening result, use Accu-Lube sharpening wax at the final sharpening round. When using Accu-Lube sharpening wax, the sharpening temperature decreases and the sharpening result becomes even better.

Product color may differ from the product picture.

-Dimensions: 180x10x12,7mm
-Grit: 80
-Material: Aluminium oxide

Grinding wheel...


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